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NHibernate.Spatial 1.0.0 Beta1 released

I'm proud to announce the first release of NHibernate.Spatial. This extension allows you to handle data in a spatial database using .NET objects and HQL queries in a way compliant with Open Geospatial Consortium specifications. Currently we support PostgreSQL (using PostGIS extension), SQL Server 2005 (using MsSqlSpatial extension) and SQL Server 2008 (using their new spatial built-in capabilities).  More on features, setup and usage in our wiki site.

Download and enjoy!

Please submit your bug reports or feature requests to NH issue tracker and support questions to NH Users mailing list.


UPDATE: Prefer the lastest release.

Posted Tue, 30 September 2008 06:44:00 PM by rstuven
Filed under: MsSqlSpatial, OpenGIS, OGC, SQL Server 2008, PostGis, NTS, SQL Server, GIS, spatial

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