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NH2.1.0: Reference to Castle removed

The NH trunk do no longer have dependency from Castle project; Castle.DynamicProxy2 are now only the default option.

All dependency to Castle was moved to : NHibernate.ProxyGenerators.CastleDynamicProxy

To continue working using lazy-loading, exactly as before, now you must deploy the default proxy generator.

This was the first step to better understand which are the NHibernate intrusions, in your code, and to have some other dynamic-proxy alternative or some other alternative than dynamic-proxy ;)

Less dependency and high-level-injectability is one of the “musts” of NHibernate; NHibernate.ProxyGenerators is only one more example.

Posted Sat, 11 October 2008 12:58:44 PM by fabiomaulo
Filed under: proxy, lazy loading, ProxyGenerators, NHibernate, Deploy, Castle, NH2.1

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