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NHibernate Validator Quickstart

The NHibernate Validator Team had prepared examples to you be able to use this validation framework in a easy way. With four examples we are covering the following topics:


1) Winforms

In this example you will how you can easily integrate NHibernate Validator and some helper clases with System.Windows.Forms.

2) NHibernate Integration

Trying to integrate NHibernate Validator with NHibernate? Not a problem. In this example you will how really get these 2 great frameworks working together. NHibernate Validator let you intercept Saves and Updates from NHibernate validating your entities before these changes take place. Note you have to create a database based on the configured connection string.

3) Asp.Net MVC

Asp.Net MVC has a cool way to add validation errors from model and display them all into the View. This example cover the easy integration between these frameworks. Note, you need Asp.Net MVC installed into your machine.Download Asp.net MVC

4) Entity Validator

Sometimes you need to validate a property which depends of another(s) property(ies). The most common example is when you have to validate a range of dates. This example cover this funcionality and show to us how to configurate it using attributes, xml and fluent.


Download it here

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