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NHibernate IoC integration

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Do you remember this post ?

As you can see you can use Dependency Injection even for entities, but what about all others classes needed by NHibernate ?

Can you inject something in a custom Dialect or in a custom UserType or UserCollectionType or Listener and all others extensions points ?

Sure you can ;)

NHibernate 2.1.0Alpha3, the fresh released today, has IObjectsFactory. As the ProxyFactoryFactory, the ReflectionOptimizer even the ObjectsFactory is a responsibility of the ByteCodeProvider.

To be short… an implementation of a IUserType now can look like this:

public class InjectableStringUserType : IUserType
private readonly IDelimiter delimiter;

public InjectableStringUserType(IDelimiter delimiter)
this.delimiter = delimiter;

The implementation of IPostInsertEventListener now can look like this:

public class YourPostInsertListener : IPostInsertEventListener
private readonly IPersistentAuditor auditor;

public YourPostInsertListener(IPersistentAuditor auditor)
this.auditor = auditor;

public void OnPostInsert(PostInsertEvent @event)

If you want use Dependency-Injection for both entities and all others NH stuff, in uNhAddIns you can find two full implementation for Castle and Spring.

Enjoy NHibernate injectability.

P.S. Part of it (tests), was a live implementation before start the Alt.NET VAN today.

Posted Sat, 30 May 2009 04:20:00 AM by fabiomaulo
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