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Architecture Diagram Rework

While working on the NHibernate Documentation, I’m drawing some pretty pictures. I actually never liked the architecture diagrams much, because I never knew what exactly they are trying to show.

The original architecture diagram looks like this:


I never found this diagram very helpful. (When I started learning NH, Transient Objects and Persistent Objects were very confusing to me. Are this different classes?)

So I decided to rework it. I ended up with something that is not very different from the existing diagrams so:

New Architecture Diagram

I shouldn’t cover all the little details of the NHibernate’s internal design, just the concepts that are visible to the user.

What do you think: is this kind of useful?

Posted Thu, 04 June 2009 04:34:00 AM by ssteinegger
Filed under: NHibernate Documentation

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