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Some Progress with HqlIntellisense…

There is some interesting progress with my project Fatica.Labs.HqlEditor. I just want to share some screenshot:


Well, it is growing to be a real tool, and in my idea would became a sort of test bed in which the user can add or modify mapping, try the queries, change the config, export a database script, reverse engineering and so on. Actually all the low level tool to achieve that are available.

Ok, let’s explain the layout:

  1. The document area, here we have mapping/config/hql all with intellisense. In the screenshot the code completion for an Hql is shown. In future maybe I will be able to insert a T4 editor for the hbm2net templates.
  2. The project area: here we have a bounch of file that are representing our testing project: mapping, configurations, assemblies and so on. I have use the MSbuild object as a backend for the project, because in the near future I would like to use it to really build some artifacts using hbm2net and db2hbm.
  3. Here is the SQL preview of the query in editing. Now the view is showing an error because the query is incomplete.
  4. The funny log, a graphical appender for log4net :-)

Some more words about the project itself: the testing environment is hosted in a separate appdomain, this will allow us to:

  • Modify the mapping runtime generating new version of the assembly
  • Testing production assemblies built with legacy nh versions ( well, not so legacy, starting from 2.xxx )

Let’s have another screenshot, showing a real SQL preview:


Next step is to produce the query results in some sort of usable representation ( I need to push the data across two app domain ) so I would probably use some JSON serialization and then display the JSON raw data with some readable formatting.

The project is not yet released, please treat it as a CTP ;) anyway, the svn repository is here:


Please comments are welcome in the original blog post.

Posted Thu, 22 April 2010 08:08:00 AM by felicepollano
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