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In the spirit of “Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers” ( cit. ), even if not so early in term of time since the preview, I decided to release a first drop of the “HQL Intellisense thing” I’m working on. The current version is just able to load an existing mapping assembly, a configuration, help us to write an hql query, submit it to NH and see some results. Here an overall screenshot:


To use it you need to download the bits, and then “create a project” a project is, in the NH Workbench world, a bounch of file representing what we are working on ( and actually is a project in the MSBUILD world. To use the tool now we need at least a working NH configuration file ( your app.config or web config ) and one or more mapping assembly(ies). You add the files to the project by right clicking the project tree:s2

After you added the file you can save the project, so it can be reopened when needed. Please note that the mapping assembly has to be opened from a location containing all the required dependencies ( usually the application folder, or the bin folder ).

After the project is created, you need to compile it before starting to write the queries:


You can compile the project by clicking the button on the toolbar as shown in the picture Fig3




Compiling the project should produce a report in the log area:


If you find the report too verbose, you can uncheck some of the button in the log toolbar. After a successful compilation, we can open a query (hql) document:



This will open a pane in the document area in which we can write HQL queries with some intellisense/auto-completion. Plaese note that, for have the entity completion, after the “from” keyword we need to press ctrl+space to see the completion combo.








Here an example HQL document. After a valid query is done we can submit it to NH and see the result:


The “play” button is enabled only if a valid query ( no errors ) is written in the document. The first and count places are useful to limit the query results.

s7 By pressing the play button, you will be able to se the query results ( if any ):


Next steps:

  • Solve the bugs till now
  • Add supports for hbm2net, so user can write mapping and immediately see it at works.

Enjoy !

Posted Wed, 19 May 2010 06:29:00 AM by felicepollano
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