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NHibernate 4.1 Released

NHibernate 4.1.0 is now released with 105 issues resolved.

For a list of resolved issues, see the release notes.

Binaries are available on NuGet and SourceForge.

Possible Breaking Changes Since 4.0

Proxies for classes that used lazy fields (not collections) would have any exceptions from the entity wrapped in TargetInvocationException. This wrapping exception have now been removed. Where relevant, you should instead catch the original exception type you throw.

For LINQ queries, the startAt parameter and the return value for string.IndexOf() are now correctly translated from .Net’s 0-based indexing to SQL’s 1-based indexing. LINQ queries that are written to expect SQL semantics for IndexOf() will likely need to be adjusted (NH-3846, NH-3901). Example: A LINQ query should now use x=>x.Name.IndexOf("a") == -1 to pick objects where the name doesn’t contain the letter “a”.

Posted Sun, 18 December 2016 08:35:00 PM by oskarb
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