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Changes From NH 1.2.1GA to NH 2.0.0


  • .NET 1.1 is no longer supported
  • Nullables.NHibernate is no longer supported (use nullable types of .NET 2.0)
  • Contrib projects moved to http://sourceforge.net/projects/nhcontrib

Compile time

  • NHibernate.Expression namespace was renamed to NHibernate.Criterion
  • IInterceptor have additional methods. (IsUnsaved was renamed IsTransient)
  • INamingStrategy
  • IType
  • IEntityPersister
  • IVersionType
  • IBatcher
  • IUserCollectionType
  • IEnhancedUserType
  • IPropertyAccessor
  • ValueTypeType renamed to PrimitiveType 

Possible Breaking Changes for external frameworks

  • Various classes were moved between namespaces
  • Various classes have been renamed (to match Hibernate 3.2 names)
  • ISession interface have additional methods
  • ICacheProvider
  • ICriterion
  • CriteriaQueryTranslator

Initialization time

  • <nhibernate> section, in App.config, is no longer supported and will be ignored. Configuration schema for configuration file and App.config is now identical, and the App.config section name is:
  • <hibernate-configuration> have a different schema and all properties names are cheked
  • configuration properties are no longer prefixed by “hibernate.”, if before you would specify “hibernate.dialect”, now you specify just “dialect”
  • All named queries will be validated at initialization time, an exception will be thrown if any is not valid (can be disabled if needed)
  • Stricter checks for proxying classes (all public methods must be virtual)

Run time

  • SaveOrUpdateCopy() returns a new instance of the entity without changing the original
  • AutoFlush will not occur outside a transaction - Database transactions are never optional, all communication with the database must occur inside a transaction, whatever you read or write data.
  • NHibernate will return long for count(*) queries on SQL Server
  • <formula> must contain parenthesis when needed
  • The HQL functions names may cause conflic in your HQL (reserved names are: substring, locate, trim, length, bit_length, coalesce, nullif, abs, mod, sqrt, upper, lower, cast, extract, concat, current_timestamp, sysdate, second, minute, hour, day, month, year, str)
  • <any> when meta-type=”class” the persistent type is a string containing the Class.FullName (In order to set a parameter in a query you must use SetParameter(“paraName”, typeof(YourClass).FullName, NHibernateUtil.ClassMetaType) )


  • <any> : default meta-type is “string” (was “class”) 
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