The object-relational mapper for .NET


NHibernate is developed with the kind support of several companies. Some of these companies help our developers by allowing to use their tools for free. Some help by providing hosting or infrastructure. We're grateful to these companies for their support.

JIRA - Bug and Issue Tracking

Atlassian JIRA is central to the development of NHibernate. We've use it to track issues and releases for years. Many thanks to Atlassian for allowing us to benefit from their great product.

NHProf - The NHibernate Profiler

NHProf is a tool developed by Ayende Rahien, who is himself an NHibernate core developer. NHProf gives you a huge amount of visibility into what your NHibernate code is doing at run time. It also highlights possible problems, such as N+1 selects, or unbounded result sets. The NHibernate core developers are pleased to have access to such an awesome tool. Thanks!


Most people have heard of ReSharper by now. But in case you haven't, it is the tool for refactoring .NET applications. It allows the NHibernate team to effortlessly improve the quality of their code without breaking anything. Thanks to JetBrains for allowing us to use their fantastic tools.

Visual SVN

Visual SVN is another great Visual Studio plugin that allows us to work easily with Subversion whilst developing NHibernate.


NCover is a tool that allows the NHibernate team to see if unit test coverage is up to scratch.

Community Server

Community Server is the platform upon this site, nhforge.org, is built. It's packed with useful community tools such as wikis, blogs, groups and profiles. We thank the Talligent for providing us with this great platform allowing us to get nhforge.org up and running so quickly.


The NHibernate documentation is written using DocBook. oXygen provides us with an easy to use XML editor for writing and maintaining the documentation.


NantBuilder is an IDE for NAnt. We use it for building, debugging and maintaining the sophisticated build files backing NHibernate. We're very greatful to have use of such a great tool for our NHibernate development.  


iMeta provides expert software development services and in depth consultancy and training to business and other software development houses / IT departments.  They have been a great supporter of NHibernate, and their CTO, Steve Strong, has been working hard on the HQL parser and building full Linq to NHibernate support.

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