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Success Stories

Please note that due to political reasons, not all companies wish to disclose details of their usage of NHibernate. However we are still trying to gather success stories for NHibernate.

If you wish to add you own, you can either submit your change as a pull request on Github, or contact the NHibernate developers mailing list.

Reported By: Jason Dentler
Used At: MSDN Channel 9

The upcoming version of Channel 9 will use NHibernate and Fluent NHibernate with a memcached 2nd level cache on Azure. Watch the video: http://channel9.msdn.com/shows/Going+Deep/Mike-Sampson-Inside-Rev9/

Reported By: Tiago Jesus
Used At: Petrobras

Hi, I work in Petrobras, which is currently present in 27 countries. In 2007, Petrobras was rated the world’s 7th biggest oil company with shares traded at stock exchanges, according to Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW), a publication that divulges the ranking of the world’s 50 biggest and most important oil companies.

Hibernate and NHibernate are recommended technologies for all new software we build. We have developed a framework using C#, and this framework uses NHibernate as the default technology for its Data Access Layer.

We have been using NHibernate, with great success, to develop medium and large software projects.

For details about Petrobras Click Here


Reported By: Alexander Dubinin
Used At: n/a

I'm working at IT department in big company, and we have used NHibernate for few small internal products (At least, in group, where I'm).


Reported By: Pāvels Mihailovs
Used At: n/a

Hi, I'm from Latvia and the company i work for, uses NHibernate with cuyahoga-project for intranet systems and some other projects(for customers) like web shops and intra-extranets.

I used Nhibernate for a small credit app, which allowed sending credit in xml to a credit register. Numuri.lv runs on Nhibernate. Numuri.lv allowes latvian phone companies to exchange phone numbers when a user is switching to another. 


Reported By: Steve Bohlen
Used At: Ebay

EBay has built their entire auction-
handling infrastructure atop Hibernate for Java, and since NHibernate offers the
same capabilities in the .NET world, it is valid aswell.

For details on Ebay's architecture look here.


Reported By: Oğuz Kurumlu
Used At: n/a

Hi all, we are using NHibernate, Windsor, NQuery in a lot of big projects (including but not limited to EFT, Cash Flow etc) at Turkey branch of one of the biggest banks of the USA. Those projects manage a lot of transactions per day and we are very satisfied with it.


Reported ByJose Fabricio Rojas

Hi everybody,

I´m from Peru, we are using NHibernate to develop the project SIGMA PORTAL   ,this is a tool for the management of human resources; it allows managing personal, financial and job information in an efficently way. currently SIGMA-PORTAL is used in many big companies in our country, Peru also Spain and Portugal


Reported By: Ray Houston
Used At: TOPAZ Technologies

We are using NHibernate in the products we develop for the medical research industry. By using NHibernate, our development and maintenance costs have been reduce and we are easily able to support database independence for our products. Thanks NHibernate!

Reported By: Christian Maslen
Used At: N/A

We use NHibernate on a number of N-Tier web applications for an intermediated general insurer in Australia ranging from small quotation sites to a large full lifecycle policy administration system. The largest has over 400,000 lines of executable code (1.5 Million raw lines) and uses NHibernate to persist to a schema with over 150 tables - we did this without a single stored proc. This site supports over 500 concurrent users and 15000 registered users. NHibernate was a key enabler to the sucess of this project and other projects within the organisation.

Reported By: Chanva Xu
Used At: Nova Software

We use successfully NHibernate on lots of projects, including Windows Form applications, Web applications. NHibernate could make our development faster, stronger.

For details about projects Click Here

Reported By: Jan Oravec
Used At: 6COM

We are a small company based in Slovakia and we use NHibernate running on Mono with great success in lots of information systems, including e-commerce systems processing thousands of transactions per day.

Reported By: Diego Jancic
Used At: Click Here and Here

We are an american company, that develops its own products since 1994 in USA, India, Argentina, Turkey, and other countries. Nowadays we are releasing the second version of a brand new product, built using NHibernate, ASP.NET and Windows Forms, with really great performance results.

Reported By: Diego Jancic
Used At: Here

It's an Argentinian company that provides benefit to the employees of different worldwide companies (commonly only in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile), including Coca-Cola, Santander Group, and others. The system had a very big load considering the low hardware used and performed well, even the developers were starting with NHibernate.

Reported By: Andrés G. Aragoneses
Used At: http://www.fractaliasoftware.com/

It's a Spanish company that provides software for sysadmins that want to control remotely the entire life-cycle of their fleets of PCs. There were some parts of it's server side software that started to use NHibernate, but there's a lot of legacy code and not all has been migrated.


Reported BySergio Castillo

Used AtPronet-ISE

We are a Spanish IT Consulting company, especialized in advanced tech solutions about management, logistics and production control.

Now we use NHibernate and some contrib projects (NHibernate.Burrow, NHibernate.Validator) to implement a new architecture for the next release of our products. We consider that using NHibernate allow us to make maintainable and high quality software agilely.



Reported By: Jason Grundy

Used At: MobileDataforce

I am the COO at a Boise, ID based mobility company. Whenever possible (approx 10-15 applications) we use NHibernate in the server side component of our mobility solutions. I've used this product for many years and am constantly amazed by both the ever improving functionality and the incredible support of the community. If you have concerns about bringing an OSS product into your tool stack then I urge you to take this one for a spin. I am certain if you are prepared to invest some time into learning the paradigm that you will quickly wish that you had taken the plunge years ago.


Reported By: Hudson Akridge & Robert Dusek
Used At: GFX International

We are Senior Developers at a large format print company, Hudson's also a developer on the Fluent NHibernate project. We use NHibernate exclusively on an EAV greenfield project that allows our clients to manage their proprietary data. It's been an absolute dream, especially coming from a pure ADO/Dataset world where Stored Procedures drove much of the data access, to using a near seamless ORM like NHibernate. We weighted NHibernate against the Entity Framework, and a few other ORMs (such as ORMapper) and NH came up well ahead of the rest as the leader of the pack. It's a very mature framework, and we have nothing but appreciation and respect for the community that continues to improve this OSS product.


Reported By: Pat Gannon
Used At: Health Services Integration

Prior to actually using NHibernate, I had heard rumors from other developers that NHibernate had a really steep learning curve, and had been a stumbling block for certain, well... 5:01 developers.  We are using Castle ActiveRecord (layered on top of NHibernate) at HSI for a couple of our new LOB products, and it couldn't have been easier to get it set up and start being productive.  It was just as easy to set up and use as other ActiveRecord OR/Ms I have used in the past like SubSonic and Linq2Sql, and from my perspective there is a lot more flexibility in terms of modeling entity graphs whose structure varies from the underlying database schema.  (Castle ActiveRecord actually supports much more than just the "Active Record" pattern of one object per table.)  It has been relatively easy to configure one class that corresponds to several tables, as well as several classes that correspond to a single table, and any sort of sane mapping of an inheritance hierarchy to a DB schema seems to be supported as well, so you really get the best of both worlds IMO with Castle ActiveRecord (all the ease-of-use of an "Active Record" type OR/M, coupled with the flexibility of NHibernate- since if necessary it seems that you can mix-and-match Castle ActiveRecord with 'plain vanilla NHibernate' in the same app).  I would highly recommend Castle ActiveRecord (and thus NHibernate) to anyone that is trying to select an OR/M for their .NET application.  If you don't like putting persistence information in your entities, you can use Fluent NHibernate, which I have heard provides equivelent functionality to Castle ActiveRecord, but it supports POCOs, although I have not used Fluent NH.


Reported By: DuvallBuck
Used At: Not disclosed

The international company I work for started coding a web based application in the mid-90's using asp/javascript. About three years ago I created the first .NET application and was allowed to use NHibernate (after the lawyers approved the licensing). Since then the stack has evoluted to using Castle, Rhino.Commons, NHibernate and now FluentNhibernate. As the infrastructure has expanded other development teams have started to leverage this stack for their deliverables. There was considerable resistance at first but as features that were delivered were stable and maintenance was easier this has become a non-issue. I am currently in my third refactor of the infrastructure using this stack. This will make the availability to the other teams even easier to use. Adding new features will be done via convention rather than configuration and the infrastructure will support the automagical wiring of the components. The biggest hurdle for using NHibernate has been the mapping but FluentNHibernate has made the mapping easier. It all started with NHibernate.


Reported By: Nicolas Paez

Used At: Snoop Consulting

We have been developing solutions for world-class companies using NHibernate since 2006. Among the several solutions we built, there are internet-faced applications with more than 60.000 users and online transactional systems. The use of Nhibernate allow us to reduce the time spend on writing code for persistence and at the same time concentrate more on other concerns like business logic and user experience.


Reported By: Scott White

Used At: BP (British Petroleum) & Loomis

Used NHibernate as ORM of choice at several companies.  It is the most capable and pure ORM, there is little to no performance implications for using NHibernate due to it's flexibility.


Reported By: cws
Used At: Gotit

Here I will publish our/mine usage of these execellent set of projects


Reported By: José F. Romaniello
Used At: Lorenzati, Ruetsch y CIA S.A.

Hi all, I work for Lorenzati, Ruetsch y CIA, which is a major productor and processor of peanuts and peanut derivated products with headquarters in Ticino-Córdoba, Argentina.
Currently we have a small system in production with NHibernate as ORM and we are working to replace modules of a legacy ERP.


Reported ByJosé Fabricio Rojas & Eric Vasquez
Used At: Pacifico Seguros

Hola a Todos, Trabaje en un Proyecto en la consultora Peruana-Española Gesfor Osmos  para nuestro Cliente Pacifico Seguros en el Proyecto ISAT (Integración de Asesores de Acciedentes de Transito) usando Nhibernate como motor de persistencia de datos , integrandolo con un plataforma de servicios para moviles con WCF(Windows Comunication Foundation), dando muy buenos resultados , El Producto se encuentra en Producción desde el Mayo del 2010. Por lo que recomendo Nhibernate.


Reported By: Dragos Stefanescu, CSM
Used At: The Sound of .net

This is the online repository for all the podcasts on the internet related to Microsoft .net technology. The sound of .net was created to help all the developer to keep track of the changes of dot net. Enjoy the podcasts and let me know what I can do to make this better for you. Long life for NHibernate!


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