The object-relational mapper for .NET


This page is converted from the old nhforge.org Wiki. First published by: kailuowang on 09-07-2008, Last revision by: kailuowang on 09-07-2008

Table of Contents


NHibernate.Burrow is a light weight middleware developed to support .Net applications using NHibernate (maybe also referred as NH in this article) as ORM framework by providing advanced and smart session/transaction management and other facilitates.

Road Map of Burrow Wiki:

  • Introduction - a brief introduction of Burrow
  • Get Started - tells how to setup the Burrow framework.
  • Burrow - gives more detail about long conversation.
  • StatefulField - about very useful Burrow.WebUtil attributes that can simplify states persistence for ASP.NET controls and pages
  • FAQ - you know what it is.
  • Example - an example that gives an overall taste of how Burrow simplies ASP.NET/NHibernate development.


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