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This page is converted from the old nhforge.org Wiki. First published by: Scott Findlater on 08-17-2011, Last revision by: Scott Findlater on 08-17-2011

A fully working skeleton for sexy Loquacious NH

After spending the last few months learning NHibernate, starting with hbm xml, to Fluent NHibernate, then Loquacious sexy mapping was released.

Herewith is a solution, with tests and ioc, for a fully working skeleton demonstrating both explicit mapping by code and mapping by convention.

Domain; details the problem domain ... a small Customer, Order, Product etc domain but with all the fun relationships!!

Domain.NHByCode; is the mapping of the domain using the ModelMapper, with Explicit Mappings. Sorry Fabio, I have been very conformist here with single mapping classes ;)

Domain.NHByConvention; is the mapping of the same domain using the ConventionModelMapper.

These are the key blog posts by Fabio;


Other resources;

Grab the code here - https://github.com/ScottFindlater/Loquacious-NH

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