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This page is converted from the old nhforge.org Wiki. First published by: jsevcik on 06-01-2009, Revised by: markweee on 03-30-2011, Revised by: fredericDelaporte on 05-12-2018

The best way to get NHibernate community support ? Submit precise description of the problem

NHibernate has fast growing community with NHibernate Users mailing list as a place
where you can get support with your NHibernate issues from wide range of people
including NHibernate core developers.

However, nobody is powerful enough without sufficient description of your problem.
To get the best possible answer for your problem as fast as possible, keep following recommendations in mind before you post to NH-Users mailing list:

1. Post relevant mappings
   ...so people can get idea of how your domain look like

2. Post relevant code for the domain classes
   ...so people can see how your code look like

3. Post relevant code that cause an issue
   ...so people can see WHAT are you doing

4. When receiving exception, post exception including stack trace and same for inner exception(s) if they exist
   ...so people can see what is the problem

5.Where there is no exception, write what's the actual result versus what are you expecting
   ...so people can see how problem can be fixed

Remember that people are glad to help you with your problem if they know WHAT is your problem.

Before posting issue to Issue tracker (GitHub), please consider following points:

1. GitHub is NOT support forum. Before posting your problem directly to GitHub, please post it to support mailing list first.
There is a good chance you get your issue resolved in mailing list or get a confirmation that your problem really belongs to GitHub NHibernate issues. Also do not create new issue before you get answer from mailing list.

2. Keep in mind the most important part of new issue is Description.
Description is available during process of creating new issue and for issues (even with attached test case) it's the most    important part at all.
Do not use just links in Description, when linked server goes down description is lost in time and developers are not  able to recover it  even they would like to do that.

Here is an example how NOT to create an issue (on the NHibernate previous issue tracker, JIRA):

3. If you are attaching testcase for the issue, there is a great document explaining how to do it properly.

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